The Essential's of Winter Wellness


Lock in moisture!

Winter can be harsh on your skin, especially if you get caught up in a cold whip of wind here in Glenelg. The best way to combat this is to make sure that your skin is not only hydrated, but also protected. This starts from the inside out so make sure to drink at least two litres of water per day. Next step is moisturise, try to stick to a heavier consistency in the colder months and your skin will thank you! And don’t forget Chapstick! While these lipbalms tend to go walkabout, they are life savers and keep your lips soft and smooth.

Get all your vitamins and minerals

It’s easy to slip inter winter hibernation mode - you eat all the things you want and believe that you need this extra layer to keep warm. And while it would be nice to get fat and happy and sleep all day, we are not bears. So make sure you are still getting all of your vitamins and minerals. This will keep you glowing during the duller months. A colourful diet, rich in leafy greens and bright veggies should keep the winter scurvy away.


Stay active

Summer bodies are made in winter. But even if you’re not looking to shape up, it’s so important for physical and mental health, to stay active, even when it’s a bit cold. Glenelg’s gorgeous morning sunshine happens year round, so round up the friends, or rouse the dog, and set out for a walk by the Esplanade. Or if the idea of the outside is too much to bear, try a hot yoga or Pilates class.