Throwback - An Ode To 70's Design Style

Bold, brown, and beige – the 70’s surely was an incredible time to be alive, but not that fondly remembered for its décor. But let’s not discount this era entirely, many of its key design elements have been translated into a modern new aesthetic.

Brown Interior

Neutral – Brown, Beige and Beyond

The décor in the 70’s was given a backdrop of beige, cream or brown wallpaper, with rooms accessorized in even more shades of brown, as can be seen in the picture below.

The 70’s introduced us to this colour palate, and it’s this generation of designers who are taking it to the next level. Modern interior designers style rooms mixing neutral tones to create light and space.

Old Spa

Bringing The Outside In

A sure sight in many 70’s era home was the large real or fake potted plants – big ferns and drooping leaves. It was all about bringing the outdoors in. In this photo, you can also see another 70’s craze – the hot tub / spa.

Now the idea of indoor plants has taken a more minimal turn, with a modern twist. Favourites such as fiddle leaf figs, of the hardy air plants create a feature in the home.


Kooky Kitsch

Ceramic owls, terrarium tables, or a mounted wall lobster – it is not uncommon to find kooky or kitsch items in and about a 70’s house.

These kooky items now manifest themselves in different ways in the modern home, whether is an elaborate carved statue from your travels abroad, or a kooky vintage find – these help bring life and personality into you home.