The Purrfect Life Of A Hotel Cat


Dolphinfish. 7 years old. Female. Loves snacking and sneaking up on pigeons. Hates going to the vet and windy afternoons.

Meet Dolphinfish, Seawall Apartments resident cat. This feline seems to have the perfect life. Gracing our shores 7 years ago, Dolphinfish was bestowed her name by a bright eyed 3-year-old, with a love for marine animals.

Since then, Dolphy has made her mark on the hotel and left quite an impression on many of the guests. She is well known for her quirks, such as only drinking water if it is dribbling from a tap – only the freshest for this sassy cat.

This little cat seems to gravitate towards the quieter folk who stay in the hotel, with a fondness for anyone that gives her treats. Whilst an independent girl who doesn’t like to be smothered with affection, it’s not uncommon to see her curled up next to a guest in a sunny spot in the Courtyard.