Get a Taste of SA at the Adelaide Central Markets

We are a state that is incredibly proud of what we produce – whether that be fine wine, decadent chocolates or charcuterie fit for the fanciest of smorgasbords. All this and more can be found at the Adelaide Central Markets.

Located in the heart of the city, the Adelaide Central Markets are the Southern Hemisphere’s largest undercover markets specialising in food! The families who work these stalls have been producing and selling their wares for nearly 150 years. This is a must-see destination in Adelaide for any food and wine lovers!

Some of the standout stalls include the Kangaroo Island Store, Say Cheese and Lucia’s.


The Kangaroo Island (KI) stall is the only store selling true KI products such as Ligurian Honey, fig syrup and special distilled gins.


You can smell it before you see it, Say Cheese (with its sister stalls Dough and Smelly Cheese) sells fine fromage from the region and also imports cheeses from all around the world!


Lucia’s was the first pizza bar in Adelaide. With original recipes straight from Southern Italy, this place serves traditional Italian foods, as they were meant to be.

The markets are a sight to see, so make sure you smell, taste, and explore everything they have to offer!