Stunning Seawall Sunsets

October 01, 2018

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Sunsets never get old do they?  Especially when they are over our beautiful Glenelg Beach!

 Half an hour from the city of Adelaide – it is hard to believe sometimes.

 That is one of the great parts about staying at Glenelg’s premier beach hotel, Seawall Apartments. Our property faces west so you are guaranteed a sunset every night! 

 As always, some nights are more magical than others.  But that is the beauty of the sun setting. It is always completely different.

 A lot of our sunset lovers book our sea-view apartments. That way they can see the sunset from their balcony, through their window or even sitting in the spa!

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Even if you aren’t staying at Seawall in a sea-facing apartment, you can still admire the amazing beach views sitting on our communal decks or on the grassy esplanade. Even have a beach picnic – happy hour!

 It doesn’t get much better than that – any day of the year!

 One of our local photographer friends, Ben Heide snapped this fantastic sunset photo.  He and his family love having staycations at Seawall, even though home is only fifteen minutes away in Adelaide. As an avid photographer, Ben loves nothing more than packing the camera and taking in all that Glenelg has to offer.

 The kids love it too and can’t wait to come back each year. They love our resident hotel cat Dolphinfish too!