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November 21, 2018

Seawall Apartments in Glenelg has commissioned award-winning South Australian artists Che Chorley and Dave Court to collaborate on their largest project to date. Creating a unique piece of public art on the twelve-metre-high wall of one of Seawall’s original buildings, on the corner of Pier Street and South Esplanade.

The collaboration will encompass Court painting one of Chorley’s photographs, titled ‘Beastly Sea’. The project will commence on Monday 26 November 2018, taking approximately ten days. 

Seawall Apartments, on beautiful Glenelg Beach in Adelaide, South Australia is a boutique beachfront hotel of twenty two apartments that has welcomed over a million visitors through its doors over the past forty years.

“Glenelg is a huge part of my family history and I’ve always envisaged having a beautiful piece of public art on one of our walls for people to admire as they walk along the Esplanade”, said Rachael Osborne, owner of Seawall Apartments. “Che put a photo onto social media of a painted wall in Europe. It was incredible and he casually asked if anyone had a wall in Adelaide. The timing and concept was perfect. After meeting Che and Dave and talking through how they would collaborate, we chose a photograph called ‘Beastly Sea’ for Dave to paint. We believe this piece of art will stop people in their tracks and I love that our guests, community and also my family will find joy in looking at it for generations to come.”

‘Beastly Sea’ was shot by Chorley in 2014 for his project ‘The Sea and Me’. “I chased particular lighting and weather events to truly convey the tempers of the ocean” said Chorley. “Predominantly shot at sea level, I try to convey the romance, fear, trepidation, beauty, and power of the sea and its relationship to the human psyche. The work exposes a personal relationship I have with the ocean and perhaps the way in which we as a society have a relationship which can be simultaneously terrifying and beautiful, an uncomfortable dichotomy. My work aims to convey the fine line that the ocean and its power can give and take. Some of my photos aim to overwhelm, to explore the sheer scale and power of the ocean, whereas others invite the viewer into a warm comforting embrace of summer and salt, reminding the viewer of her ethereal beauty and fragility.”


Artist Bios:

Che Chorley is an award-winning photographer with a passion and affinity for the ocean. Photography has been a natural accompaniment to his travels and he continues to strive to convey the beauty and uniqueness that surfing, adventure and travel allow. Che studied photography at the Centre for Creative Photography in Adelaide, and currently has a studio at The Mill in Adelaide. Che has worked throughout Australia and internationally and continues to work commercially for a variety of clients when he’s not bobbing about in the ocean.

Dave Court is an Adelaide based multi-disciplinary artist. He is a painter, art director, designer and photographer. After graduating with Visual Arts honours specialising in painting in 2013, he was one of the crew behind awardwinning immersive art project Mr IST, which has carried on to a series of other works. Major projects include running ethical clothing brand ‘foolsandtrolls’, retail store/art space Created Range and working as a creative/art director of Yewth Magazine as well as ongoing freelance work and art practice.

All media enquiries to:

Mardi Zeunert, Seawall Apartments,, 0438 886 522

Che Chorley,, 0423 501 417

Dave Court,, 0481 457 808

Seawall Apartments

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