Seawall's Friedly Faces - Sophie

Sophie at Seawall Apartments Glenelg

For anyone that’s been a returning guest to Seawall over the years, you know that there are a few familiar faces around the hotel. None more so than Sophie, our Front of House Manager, who has grown with the business for over 10 years. She knows Seawall Apartments like the back of her hand and is a driving force behind what makes Seawall great.

Sophie (second from left) started her career with Seawall at the tender age of 16, doing a little bit of work experience as part of a school project. Once she was of working age, she’d had a taste of what it was like at Seawall and wanted more, joining the housekeeping team. Her family had close ties with that of the Osborne’s, who owned the property, with both of their sons being friends, the relationship grew between the two families.

Dolphy cat cards at Seawall Apartments Glenelg

With her hardworking ethic and determination, Sophie soon came to work on the reception desk and over the year proved herself to be Rachael’s, Seawall’s owner, right hand woman. Her extensive knowledge of the hotel and love for the guests saw her rise to the position of Front of House Manager where she still is today.

Not without hidden talents, Sophie is a keen artist, with a beautiful drawing and painting style. Her talents have been used to create the Seawall Christmas cards and recently, Sophie held a stall at the SA Youth Markets, showing her wares and one-of-a-kind paintings.