Percy the Shark, A Seawall Icon

Australia is quite found of all things big. We have a big banana, merino, a rocking horse, lobster, trout and even an oyster. But did you know that Seawall used to have its very own ‘big’ something? For years, a fearsome fellow graced the shores of Glenelg, not in the water but above it – Percy the Shark


Percy the Shark was a much loved icon in Glenelg, his jaws stretching wide, looking both fearsome and friendly. A big hit with the kids, lovers of the kooky and also those who got a little intoxicated on the walk home from the Moseley Pub.

But did you know that Percy made a home in Glenelg, long before he made his home at Seawall? In the heart of Glenelg, right where The Beach House now is, used to be a huge waterpark called Magic Mountain. A favourite pastime for many here was playing mini golf, and Percy was one of the main attractions as you aimed your golf ball to shoot straight through his gaping jaws.

When Magic Mountain shut down, an auction was held for many of the kooky items salvaged from the park. It was here that the late owner of Seawall, Alan Osbourne, purchased Percy and settled him into his new home, at the entrance of Seawall Apartments.

Percy proved to be a huge hit with the kids and families and was a welcome face along the Esplanade for many locals on their morning or evening walks. So many memories were made with Percy, but alas, sometimes when you love something, you must let it go.

Perc New

A new home for Percy was found at the Port Lincoln Caravan Park, where he now greets travellers. Word has it, that Percy is much happier as he is closer to the other sharkies, as Port Lincoln is well known for its exhilarating shark cage diving. While Percy is sorely missed by many, his departure has opened up more sea views for those staying in our apartments here at Seawall.