Love Is In The Air - Adelaide's Chocolate Love Affair

Who doesn’t love chocolate? With so many amazing brands and flavours out there, it can be hard to choose your favourite. For South Australians though, our state is home to two incredible chocolate brands that we hold near and dear to our hearts – Haigh’s and Menz Fruchocs. We’re not kidding when we say that these brands have almost a religious following. Many people who visit here take home little goodie backs, spreading the chocolatey goodness to the rest of the country and beyond.

Haighs Chocolate Adelaide

Haigh’s, Australia’s oldest family owned chocolate maker had humble beginning in 1815 making boiled sweets. These sugary treats were even sent in bulk to the soldiers at war! But the Haigh’s family knew there was more to life than just sweets – they loved chocolate.

Haigh’s wrote to 12 top chocolatiers all around the world, asking to be mentored in the delicious ways. It was Swiss chocolate maker Lindt and Sprugli who replied, offering to teach them how to make chocolate in exchange for English lessons for their children.

Now, Haigh’s is a household name, with a store all around Australia. There’s even a Haigh’s factory here in Adelaide, close to the city, where you can see how they make the chocolate!


Menz Fruchocs Adelaide

Menz Fruchocs is another beloved brand here in South Australia. Menz has been in operation since 1850, but their famous Fruchocs first came into production in 1948. Fruchocs are the love child of fruit and chocolate – apricot and peach pieces covered in milk chcolate.

These tasty treats are available in all major supermarkets and are crazy addictive. Other loved products under the Menz brand include the Crown Mints and the Choc honeycomb.

Up in the Hills of Hahndorf, there is a Menz Fruchocs factory and store where you can shop and snack to your hearts content and take home little sweets for your loved ones – or even keep them all to yourself.

These little chocolate treats are a piece of South Australia, so make sure you pick up some today! 

Chocolate treats on Jetty Road Glenelg