History of Seawall - The School House

March 26, 2018

Long before we were the Seawall Apartments, many of our buildings served different purposes than that of a beach hotel. One of the most interesting histories belongs to our School House Apartment. 


Built in the early 1890’s by a private investor, this heritage home was transformed in 1912 into the Holdfast Bay Preparatory College. A school where many young boys were taught the foundations of their education before achieving success in their later lives.

The school was established by Mr John F Hills and his wife, Alice. During its 25 year history, both John and Alice would see themselves as the Headmasters of this seaside school. The block where the apartment/school is located, No. 22, was completely utilised by the college, with the upstairs room used for living quarters and the back buildings used as a coach house and stables.

After closing in 1937, the school was fondly remembered by many alumni as a wonderful place to learn and grow. Memories focus on the beach, playing cricket and finding all sorts of strange things that would wash up on the shore.

These days, The School House is a beautiful Art-Deco inspired 2 bedroom apartment, full of seaside charm. Recently, Seawall have put together a flip book complete with pictures from the archives, which can be found in the apartment itself.