Eat In at Seawall with Uber Eats

Even though we are so close to jetty road, sometimes you really can’t be bothered to leave the apartment, other times you might not even have time.

Uber eats is heaven sent, and guess what, they can deliver right here to Seawall Apartments!

For anyone that hasn’t used Uber eats before, don’t worry, its easy. The concept is different restaurants can load their offerings and prices onto the app. All you have to do is enter your address and it shows you all the tasty restaurants close to you that will do takeaway. You just need to order. As it runs off your already existing Uber account, your card details are stored so you wont even have to deal with payment, it goes through automatically.


An Uber driver, or even a cyclist can then pick up the job, go to the restaurant to get your food for you then deliver it to your doorstop – its scarily easy.

Here at Seawall Apartments, you have access to a whole range of tasty food from nearby locations, whether you feel like a pizza from Marcelina’s, a Mexican feast from Beach Burrito or even an all vegan burger from Lord of the Fries.

You can even track what part of the order process your food is up to, and where the Uber driver is when delivering your food (awesome if you see them make a wrong turn!)

Now getting delicious food delivered right to your doorstep is so easy, you’ll never want to and have to leave your apartment at Seawall again!