Easter Traditions from Around the Globe

In Australia, Easter is a time for family and friends to come together whether for religious reasons or for delicious, chocolatey reasons. But there are many countries all around the world which have their own weird and wacky Easter traditions. Below are a few of the strangest:


While it is common to give out Easter eggs in Australia, the chocolatiers of Australia decided to create the Easter Bilby. This small marsupial has become endangered in Australia, and by creating a chocolate version, much needed funds have been directed into its conservation.


Not one to waste a good weekend off whilst huddled up in their mountain homes, the Norwegians are known for indulging in crime related shows and books. During this time, even the milk cartons are printed with crime related short stories!


On the island of Corfu, pot smashing is all the rage. As Easter is the most important day on the Greek calendar, the smashing of old pots is done in the hope that it will usher in new things and good fortune in the New Year.


This is perhaps the strangest. Men over the country have brightly coloured willow switches which they use to whip the girls that they like, to encourage good health and beauty. Not to be ones to miss out on the fun, the morning following, the girls get to throw ice water on the boys that they fancy!

I think we’ll stick to chocolate eggs and hot cross buns thanks!