Adelaide Authentic Eats: Asian

Australia is a country lucky to be so multicultural, and one of the greatest benefits of the diversity of people, is the diversity of food. Every major city has hub, home to our close neighbours, often called China town, but really is home to every kind of Australasian cuisine. Adelaide, is no stranger to delicious, authentic Asian cuisine, and here is where to find the best.



Laksa is a spicy coconut based noodle soup, made popular from the Peranakan culture ( a mix of Chinese and Malay).  Filled with vegetables, tofu and a variety of meats, this chilli heavy dish is sure to open the airways, so perfect for winter. Our favourite laksa can be found tucked away in the food hall at the Adelaide Central markets. Called, laksa House, order the combination laksa and ask for extra sambal chill on the side.

Chicken and Rice

While it may not sound so fancy, this Hainanese dish is packed full of fragrant flavour. Chicken is cooked in a ginger and garlic mixture and served with flavoursome ginger rice and a sweetened chilli sauce. Wholesome, tasty and satisfying, some of the best chicken and rice is cooked up at Chinatown Café on Moonta Street. This restaurant is always thriving, but offers a quick service, take one look around and you will see that every table will have a chicken rice ordered.


There are so many different types of dumpling in the world, it’s hard to know the difference let along choose which ones will grace your plate. Essentially, dumpling are a mixture of spiced meat or vegetables wrapped up in wheat flour dough then steamed or pan fried. The title of best dumpling belongs to Mandoo Korean Style Dumplings on Bank Street. Try the Steamed pork or kimchi dumplings for a real flavour hit.

This only the scratching on the surface of amazing Asian style food that can be found in and around Adelaide.